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Silky smooth skin

Shave Trio

Shave Trio

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Introducing our all-inclusive Shaving Kit, the ultimate solution for a revitalizing shaving experience. This kit includes a skin revitalizing shave scrub, a shave cream, and a skin softening after-shave oil.

Prepare your skin for an exceptional shave with our 5 Oil-Blend Sugar Scrub. This innovative scrub combines the power of five essential oils with exfoliating sugar particles to loosen hair follicles, ensuring a super smooth shave that is free of irritation and razor burns. By gently removing pore-clogging contaminants such as dirt and dead skin cells, this scrub provides you with a silky slip for an effortlessly smooth shave.

Our Hair We Go Shave Butter is a true game-changer. Designed to enhance your shaving experience, it allows your razor to glide comfortably and smoothly over your skin, minimizing the chance of nicks and cuts. This creamy shave butter leaves your skin irresistibly smooth and soft, providing you with the pleasure of silky smooth skin like never before.

To complete your shaving ritual, indulge in our That Girl Glow After-Shave Oil. Formulated to minimize dryness and irritation, this oil is your key to post-shave perfection. It nourishes and soothes your skin, leaving it healthy, smooth, and radiant with a captivating glow. Embrace the confidence of feeling like that girl with a radiant and glowing complexion.

Elevate your shaving routine to new heights with our Shaving Kit, the ultimate trio of skincare essentials. Experience the revitalizing power of our pre-shave scrub, the comfort of our shave butter, and the soothing touch of our after-shave oil.

Unleash the true potential of your skin and embrace the sensation of a flawless and indulgent shave.


STEP 1: Smooth Legs Shave Scrub 

Massage a handful on your skin. Focus on areas where you want to shave to loosen your hair follicles for a smooth shave.

STEP 2: Hair We Go Shave Butter 

On dry skin warm up your shave butter by rubbing it on the area you are shaving.

STEP 3: That Girl Glow Post Shave Oil 

Apply directly to damp skin in shower after you shave. Use everyday for at least week to help combat ingrown hairs, irritation, razor burns, cuts & nicks. 

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