Shop Foaming Body Scrubs: Get irresistible softer & smoother skin

Exfoliate dead skin cells and safely unclogs pores for smoother and brighter complexion with delicious fall scents.

  • Clean Beauty

    Handmade in Toronto, Ontario in small batches. We believe you deserve the best quality body care products you and your skin can feel good about.

  • Every day Selfcare

    Inspiring you to fall in love with your skin by pampering it daily with deliciously scented, fun-filled skincare products to make you feel confident in your body.

  • Eco-friendly & Sustainability

    As a small female owned we keep sustainability in mind every day. From the creation of our products to the packaging, we try our best to bevery conscious. They are also vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free.

Shop Body Oils: Super silky moisture all over 

Make your skin glow like a freshly glazed donut. With a lightweight formula to quickly absorbs into your skin to relieve dryness instantly.

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The scents that started it all 

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