Strawberry Swirl Body Oil - NEABEAUTY
Strawberry Swirl Body Oil - NEABEAUTY
Strawberry Swirl Body Oil - NEABEAUTY
Strawberry Swirl Body Oil - NEABEAUTY

Strawberry Swirl Body Oil

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Get ready to level up your skincare game! Say goodbye to dry skin woes with my 100% vegan body oil. Simply apply it on damp skin after your shower or bath for deep, long-lasting moisture. And guess what? You can even use it as a luxurious bath and massage oil! Talk about multipurpose! 

This fast-absorbing oil is here to save the day! Say hello to instant moisture that will leave your skin feeling as soft as a fluffy cloud. No more greasy aftermath, i promise. My formula is packed with the goodness of apricot, argan, jojoba, and coconut oils, giving your skin the TLC it deserves. Dry areas? Bye-bye! Overall texture and tone? Hello, improvement!

Did i mention the scent? Prepare to be delighted by its heavenly aroma. You'll not only feel great but smell fabulous too. It's time to unleash your inner goddess this summer and conquer the world with your irresistibly soft and beautifully scented skin. Trust me, you'll look so good, people will be asking for your skincare secrets!


  • Improves cracked heels so you can save money on pedicures.
  • Instantly softens so you don’t have to worry about rough skin during intimate moments with your lover.
  • You'll turn heads in any room you enter because you smell Smells amazing!
  • Your confidence will be all the way up to 100! 


  • Jojoba : Natural conditioner for dry & irritated skin.
  • Argan : Plump and smooth your skin.
  • Apricot : Maintain softness and radiance of your skin.
  • Coconut : Super moisturizing ! Provide a major boost of hydration to your skin.
  • 4 fl oz 120ml
  • Shelf Life : 6 months - 1 year

FULL INGREDIENTS: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Coconut oil, vitamin E oil, fragrance,Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid & Caprylyl Glycol